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Acceptable Use Policy
As we work to support student safety, each school has developed an Acceptable Use Policy to reinforce student appropriate behavior as we explore digital resources.

Frank J. Smith Acceptable Use Policy

Central Elementary School Acceptable Use Policy

East Hanover Middle School Acceptable Use Policy

The 1-to-1 Chromebook Initiative
In an effort to continue to provide innovative instruction to students, our middle school has adopted a 1-to-1 initiative through which all students are provided a district-issued chrome book for use both in school and at home. Our students in grades 1 through 5 have one to one Chromebook access, but do not take the devices home. Students in Pre-School and Kindergarten have access to developmentally appropriate technology in their classrooms so that every student has access to a device should they need it.

Technology in Education Across the Nation

Recommendations by NEA
Read the NEA's policy regarding continued integration of technology: Technology in Schools: The Ongoing Challenge of Access, Adequacy and Equity

The Flipped Classroom Approach
Some teachers may implement a "flipped classroom" approach to teaching and learning. Read about this strategy and how it can provide individualized learning experiences for all students.

An Introduction to Google Classroom
Google classroom creates a meaningful digital learning space for children of all ages. Google classroom provides a safe space for collaboration and communication among students and their teacher. Through Google Classroom, we are able to develop student independence and foster appropriate use of technology.

District Policies

The East Hanover Township Board of Education Additionally supports the acceptable use of technology through the following board policies.

  • 2360 - Use of Technology

  • 2361 - Acceptable use of computer networks, computers and resources

  • 2363 - Pupil Use of Privately-Owned Technology

  • 3283 - Electronic Communications between teaching staff members and students

  • 4283 - Electronic Communications between support staff members and students

Supporting Student Digital Safety