Curriculum & Instruction


Curriculum (what we teach), instruction (how we teach) and assessment (how we know students are learning) are at the heart of the East Hanover Schools. 

The purpose of East Hanover School District’s curriculum is to provide our students with an outstanding instructional program that results in high student achievement. Curriculum development in the district is guided by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS),  the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and research-based educational practices.

In East Hanover, all curriculum areas are reviewed and revised at least every five years. Committees of teachers and administrators research the best educational practices, review current curriculum and materials, align curriculum objectives, develop revisions, pilot, and develop plans for program implementation and evaluation. An extensive professional development program provides staff with the necessary training and support to implement an outstanding educational program



Year 1: Curriculum Evaluation and Development

  • Review current research, exemplary practices and national and state standards

  • Review and revise the Vision Statement

  • Meet and collaborate with colleagues

  • Gather input from staff and articulate across grade levels

  • Draft curricula using the template available on OnCourse

  • Purchase materials, supplies, and other essential materials to support the implementation

  • Infuse Language Arts, technology, and other content areas into the curriculum

  • Plan staff development opportunities to support the implementation of the new curricula

Year 2: Implementations of New Curricula

  • Offer professional development opportunities to support the implementation

  • Monitor and support the implementation of curricula

  • Administration supervision of the implementation of the curriculum

  • Collect and summarize data on evidence of student learning

Year 3: Implementations and Revisions

  • Finalize revisions

  • Continue collecting formative assessment data and evidence of student learning

  • Implement revisions to the curriculum to meet learning goals

  • Draft revisions

  • Identify an area in need of revision

  • Continue with professional development opportunities

  • Continue to monitor the implementation of the curriculum

Ms. Dana Aagaard, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

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