Teachers Who ROCK!

PATRICK ALGIERI 7th Grade Mathematics Teacher East Hanover Middle School Nominated By: Stacie Costello

East Hanover Middle School is honored to nominate Mr. Patrick “Pat” Algieri for the Class of 2023 Teachers Who Rock! As a Grade 7 teacher of mathematics, Pat manages to infuse warmth and humor into lessons that many students might otherwise find intimidating. His extensive knowledge of curriculum and best educational practices has led to an increase in both student achievement as well as the number of students advancing to honors-level math placement. A fan of 80’s classic rock, Pat often incorporates music into his warm-up activities. He uses music to reach those students who struggle with mathematics, and he has achieved incredible results! Mr. Algieri is also a fixture in East Hanover athletics and extracurriculars. During his tenure at the middle school, he has coached softball and wrestling, advised the industrial arts club, and has provided extra help in both before and after-school math programs. Pat even eats lunch with his students in the cafeteria each day! Students have been known to trade up for one of his deluxe Italian subs (or maybe Pat is making out on these deals…who can say?) In short, Mr. Algieri routinely reminds us that teaching is not a 9-to-5 job but a commitment to the students and families we proudly serve. For all that he does, we honor Mr. Patrick Algieri as a Teacher Who Rocks!