Welcome to the East Hanover School District Health Office

Frank J. Smith School
Norma Brzozowski, RN, BSN, CSN
School Nurse
973-887-5640 ext. 414

Central Elementary School
Anita Livesey, RN, BSN, CSN
School Nurse
973-887-0358 ext. 315

East Hanover Middle School
Nancy Napolitano, RN, BSN, CSN
School Nurse
973-887-8810 ext. 233

The East Hanover School District Health Mission: School Health services are provided to protect and improve the health of pupils, thus aiding their growth and development and enabling them to benefit fully from school experiences. School Health Services are intended to provide for the well-being of pupils and to further their education for their healthful living.

  • Health Records A health record is kept for each pupil as required by the New Jersey Department of Education. Results of all screenings and referrals are recorded on the health record. As a part of our health records, we record weight, height, and blood pressure checks each year and conduct vision and auditory screenings at intervals determined by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services .

  • Medications Students requiring medication at school must have a written physician's order that states it may be dispensed by the school nurse. Medications must be in a properly labeled container from a pharmacy. The parent/guardian must bring the medication to the health office with the proper form.

  • Physical Examinations District policy requires a physical examination by a licensed physician upon entry into the school district, regardless of the grade the child is entering. The New Jersey Office of Health, Safety and Physical Education recommend that all pupils be given a complete physical examination at least once in three years. We require that physicals be provided upon entering kindergarten, third grade and sixth grade (as students enter each school). Physicals must be provided for all students new to the school district. It is recommended that all such physical examinations be performed by the family physician as he/she is best qualified to evaluate the health status of the student because of prior association with the child.

  • Immunizations Immunizations are required for students as prescribed by NJ State law. Information on necessary immunizations is available from the building principal or school nurse. A pupil who has not complied with the immunization requirements and has not commenced a program of immunization will not be admitted to school.

  • Medications at School Medication may be administered by the school nurse/physician/substitute nurse or in some instances, students may self-medicate (see Policy #5330). The medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container. It must also be accompanied by a physician’s written order, a parent’s permission slip, and approved by the school physician.

  • Scoliosis New Jersey Statutes provide for biennial scoliosis screening for all pupils ages 10 to 18. This examination may be done by a family physician or will be done by a trained faculty member. A parent letter is required if you do not want your child screened.