Grade 8 Anti-Bullying Lessons

  • The 8th graders have been working on the following genres in relation to the EHMS anti-bullying program

    First, using the concept of cause and effect, they composed Diamante Poems using bullying as the central theme. These poems can be seen hanging outside the cafeteria.  In conjunction with the poetry, the 8th grade then viewed the movie "Odd Girl Out" a movie about a young middle school girl who is unexpectedly bullied for no apparent reason, what happens because of the harassment,  and her methods of coping with the torment from other students.


    Additionally, the class has been introduced to the Holocaust through their social studies and then their language arts classes, and specifically, is reading Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl.  Students are studying the history of Hitler and how his bullying affected Europe during WWII.  Besides the reading, students also journal daily, and recently watched an assembly put on the PTA entitled "Through the Eyes of a Friend", worked on a webquest to discover facts about Anne Frank and her family, composed reaction papers to Internet articles on specific events of the Holocaust, created pictures of the Secret Annexe, and most recently viewed a famous allegory via a short film by the author Eve Bunting, called "The Terrible Things".