"Bystander: A Portrait of Apathy" Performance

  • At the EHTSD Night of Respect in October 2012, students from East Hanover Middle School performed a powerful play called "Bystander: A Portrait of Apathy" for the East Hanover community.
    Created and developed by Jillian Palmieri, this program presents a powerful and emotionally charged performance that illustrates the struggles bullying victims face and examines the common excuses bystanders give for not getting involved in bully prevention. The program concludes with students signing the Bystander Pledge, a commitment to speaking up on behalf of bullied students. The overall aim of the program is to make the bystander population of the student body aware of how their silence in regards to or engagement in bullying behavior creates a school climate where bullying is tolerated, accepted, and rewarded with respect. Once aware of how powerful a role they play, bystanders will better understand how they can use that power to positively impact the lives of those who are bullied.
    EHMS Students in "A Portrait of Apathy"