Second Grade "Kindness Chain"

  • Mrs. Dorney's Second grade class celebrated the On Hundredth Day of school by talking about their special gifts and what each person has to offer to the class.  They re-read the story Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae  which is a wonderful story about being different and  each having a gift to share.  After they completed the book each of the children received five strips of paper.  Each strip of paper had a classmate’s name on it. The children were asked to write one kind thing on the strip about that student.  When they were done all of the strips were combined into a kindness chain with 100 hundred kind things about our classmates.  At our class meeting each day we read a link from our kindness chain.  It might say, “Anne was kind when she helped me with my Math”. It starts a great conversation and the student feels great for the day!
    Kindness Chain