First Grade "Filling My Bucket" Activity

  • First grade students learned how they can stop bullying by treating others with kindness and making them feel good or ‘filling up their bucket’.

    Ms. Guenther, Guidance Counselor, explained how we come to school with a full “bucket” – we feel good about ourselves because it is a brand new day, we studied for the test, our parents told us they loved us before we left for school, our team won the super bowl, we had a great night at girl scouts, etc.

    But when we get to school someone says something hurtful about what we are wearing and a little water spills out of our bucket. During math someone teases us that we don’t know the answer and a little more water spills out.  In lunch someone tells our friends not to sit near us because our food is gross and even more water spills out.  During recess, a group of kids tell us we can’t play because we are too slow of a runner, the water spills out and now there is none left.

    Students discussed how when we say hurtful things, tease someone, laugh at someone, leave someone out or give dirty looks we empty someone’s bucket.  The explored ways to help fill the bucket back up.