Friendship Group

  • As a part of the comprehensive counseling program at Central Elementary School, friendship group is a great opportunity available to all students throughout the year. Friendship group is usually anywhere from 3-6 students who may benefit from a small group focused social time or help in the areas of getting along with others, meeting new friends, working out social problems, practicing winning/losing, and conversation starters.  Sometimes students who excel in these social areas are also invited to join in order to model and support positive social behaviors. Groups of students who may be temporarily struggling with getting along or communicating effectively may also be invited to participate.  Groups usually last around 20-25 minutes and follow a schedule such as every Day 4 for 6-8 consecutive meetings. Groups take place during lunch times as students are invited to eat with the counselor before moving on to the planned activity or discussion.  Students, teachers and parents can request a friendship group by filling out a counseling form available on the school counselor’s web page or obtain a form directly from the teacher or counselor. 



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