Frank J. Smith Elementary School

  • One of the annual activities this year included our pledge banners that all students have the opportunity to sign. As students wrote their name, they made a promise to take a stand against bullying and be proactive school community members. The banners will hang proudly year round in our hallways as a reminder to our students of their responsibility and commitment to help put a stop to bullying.

    Pledge Against Bullying

    Also decorating the hallways are student posters made in Ms. Keshka’s art classes. Students were asked to create anti-bullying and respect themed posters that also decorate the halls as a reminder of the important theme. 

    Say "No" to Bullying  Don't Bully Poster

No Name Calling Week

  • No Name Calling Week
    Books About No Name Calling  

Second Grade Students Design "No Bully Zone" Posters

  • Anti-Bullying Posters