#Day1 is an innovative new campaign, rooted in research, to stop bullying before it begins.The #Day1 Campaign requires four main elements 1) A person in authority, 2) clearly saying what behavior is expected and what is not tolerated, 3) done early on (on Day 1), 4) and getting a verbal confirmation back that the instruction is understood. 
    #Day1 is a project of The Tyler Clementi Foundation, which was formed in 2010 after Tyler Clementi died by suicide after being cyberbullied at Rutgers University.  More than 3.2 million students identify as a victim of bullying each year. While a travesty in itself, that number doesn’t even begin to address the individuals (children and adults) who experience harassment outside of educational institutions – in the workplace, on a team, or in a fraternity or sorority. Bullying, harassment and humiliation leave physical and emotional scars – sometimes for life. Bullying can also be a factor in truancy, substance abuse and suicide. We shouldn’t wait another day to make a change. On #Day1, teachers, managers, coaches and youth should take matters into their own hands.
    Mission: Driven by best practices, #Day1 works to prevent bullying, harassment and humiliation in schools, workplaces and athletic programs, before it begins.